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What do you believe, Amber Heard believes? Given all the accusations, the charges, and the verdicts, what, if anything, does she know is a lie? In contrast, what, if anything, does she sincerely believe? If she was given a consequence free opportunity to confess to you her unfiltered version of the truth as she perceives it, what would she say?

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Celebrity Fanalyzer is an essay and art blog that hosts a competition each month via the Freelancer web platform. In response to an open ended question, authors are invited to provide a Statement of Fact followed by their answer in the form of a essay. In parallel, a competition is held to produce each month’s hero image.


  1. Entrants must have a Freelancer account. No money is handled outside the Freelancer platform.
  2. The criteria for winning is an open formula published alongside each month’s question. For example: the entry with the most likes, shares, or comments, etc. wins.
  3. Winners of the art competition are chosen by the editorial board.
  4. All submissions must be original work: essay and art.
  5. Facts submitted in the Statement of Fact must be opinion free: just the facts and associated references.

Feel free to send competition ideas & business inquiries to student1@celebrityfanalyzer.com.

Happy Fanalyzing!

Featured Artist: Photo Credit

“Amber Depp”

Mujahid S. is a visual artist active on Freelancer. This is the September 2022 winner.