Welcome to Celebrity Fanalyzer!

( March 3, 2023: Progress being made! We’re not just ready yet to open up to the public competitions again. But, we are making progress. Check out the latest developments here: https://celebrity-fanalyzer.pages.dev/ . If you find errors or problems, please be in touch with the team on our discord page. Making progress. Moving forward! )

( January 2023: To all future competitions participants, thank you for your patience. The Celebrity Fanalyzer team is hard at work revamping the website so that we can get back to monthly competitions by Spring 2023. First and foremost, the competition mechanics need to be changed to determine the winner. The simplistic metric of only “likes” is not optimum. Unfortunately, WordPress as a platform doesn’t allow for a more robust system of statistics tracking meaning a custom solution is necessary and this is what we are hard at work on. Please reach out to us by Discord if you would like to get in touch, ask questions, or give your opinion to our design team. In the meantime, take a look at these amazing art pieces soon to be NFTs. )

“Celebrity Fanalyzer?” What’s This All About?

Every month, the team at Celebrity Fanalyzer hosts an essay and art contest. Every month there is a Question-of-the-Month or Prompt that entrants must give there opinion about.

Participants join the competition through the Freelancer web platform.

The way the competition / site works is simple: Entrants must have a Freelancer account. No money is handled outside the Freelancer platform.

  1. The top 5 essays are chosen to be finalist. Each finalist receives $50.
  2. The criteria for winning the grand prize ($250) is an open formula published with each month’s question. For example: the entry with the most likes, shares, or comments, etc. wins. All voting occurs on www.CelebrityFanalyzer.com.
  3. Winners of the art competition are chosen by the team at Celebrity Fanalyzer.
  4. All submissions must be original work: essays and art.

Every month a winner is chosen, paid, and then we do it again! The first and second week of the month are for writing. The third and fourth week are for voting. If you want to know more about the project, check out the page “Why?

Contact Us!

Want to communicate with the team here at Celebrity Fanalyzer? Contact us through a message on our brand new Discord server: give an opinion, suggest a topic, give us some feedback – we would love to hear from you! Celebrity Fanalyzer is a work in progress. If you want to get involved shaping the future of the application, reach out to us. You can learn more about what we are doing by checking out the Road Map below.

-> discord.gg/z4P3UrhhSH <-

Celebrity Fanalyzer: Development Road Map

1) Develop a custom app to replace this WordPress blog.

Currently, Celebrity Fanalyzer is a very simple concept built on a very simple platform: WordPress. To gain more control over development, style, and function, a custom application is under development to replace the current version.

2) Link the competition to an Ethereum smart contract to convert Celebrity Fanalyzer into a DAPP.

Block chain technology, specifically Ethereum, has laid the foundation of a decentralized internet. Celebrity Fanalyzer is one of many projects exploring how such technologies can be used. Eventually, our goal is to connect Celebrity Fanalyzer to the block chain making it a DAPP (a Distributed APPlication). Anyone with a crypto wallet (we suggest Metamask) should be able to participate.

3) Finish development of Layer8, an Anonymizing HTTP Reverse Proxy.

Currently, users of a website deposit easily trackable information every time they visit a website. Celebrity Fanalyzer is one of a few websites that DOESN’T want your personal information. In fact, we want to avoid collecting it. For this reason, we are developing a unique solution that acts like a universal VPN (Virtual Private Network) that anyone who uses the website can benefit from for free and without needing to sign up or configure their own VPN. We call it, Layer8: an anonymizing HTTP Reverse Proxy — reach out to us on Discord if you want to learn more! https://discord.gg/kBpdUbkNQU

4) Connect Layer8 to Celebrity Fanalyzer and open source the AI ranking algorithm.

How do you determine what is better when opinions are subjective? Currently, the determination of Better on this website is a very crude formula applied to each entry. The simplest way to determine a winner each month is to centralize the process and have the judging be done by one or two people. of course, to centralize the judging would be to give one or two opinions precedence — this is the same old problem of a centralized internet. To expand the judging to others means some sort of crowd sourcing algorithm and this is a hard problem. Once Layer8 is deployed, Celebrity Fanalyzer will have piles of anonymous data to analyze and to do it we need your help! Once established, an open source ranking algorithm will be employed to reward authors who contribute the “best” work. But what is “best”? The answer is to be determine and we need your help to find out!

5) Relaunch Celebrity Fanalyzer as “Globe & Citizen,” a news and events website.

Deep fakes, fake media, toxic hate speech, and a profit focused media industry: this is the reality of the internet we live in. How to decentralize control of the media we consume but still provide a quality service overseen by a trusted organization? Once Layer 8 is established, an AI ranking algorithm is open sourced, and Celebrity Fanalyzer is a successful DAPP, it’s finally time to relaunch the service as general news website called Globe & Citizen — our answer to this question. Reach out to us if you’re interested in getting involved.