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Competition Brief: What Does Amber Heard Belive?

With the dust settling on the first Amber Heard / Johnny Depp trial, Heard and her new team are rallying for an appeal. Given the incredible landslide of reaction in the court of public opinion, one might question the wisdom of any second round. Still, considering Depp’s own change of fortune after losing in his case against News Group 2018, perhaps there is logic in the pursuit? After all, it was determined that claims of domestic abuse were substantially accurate enough to support publicly calling Depp a “wife beater.” A quick peruse of the latest online coverage of him though suggests that winning the latest case in the United States has been enough to turn public opinion in his favour.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s not a “play” or “strategy” or “guise” or “plan” or anything else malevolent in the mind of Amber Heard. Perhaps she believes that she is a victim deserving of justice like any other citizen and nothing more. After all, she was partially successful in her counter suit meaning their was some validity to her arguments.

This month’s question is: what do you believe, Amber Heard believes? Given all the accusations, the charges, and the verdicts, what, if anything, does she know is a lie? In contrast, what, if anything, does she sincerely believe? If she was given a consequence free opportunity and confessed to you her unfiltered version of the truth as she perceives it, what would she say? Support your essay with a statement of fact.

Statement of Fact

— In 2018, Johnny Depp sued News Group in a British court for defamation and lost the case.

— In 2022, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard in an American court and won.

— Zack Snyder convinces Amber to play the part of Mera

— Amber honored as a United Nations Human Rights Ambassador

— L’Oreal Stay with Amber

— Men activist groups label Amber as Toxic Feminist


Amber was invited to a radio talk show To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. During that talk, she tells how she made the mistake of believing all the good stuff people were saying about her – that she was a superhero that she was a leader that she would fight for all the sexually abused women in America and in particular Hollywood – then in the end when she was abused by Johnny she had to do something to prove that she was not all talk no action – so she wrote that Op-Ed and became the most hated woman in America.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

“Amber, welcome to ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth.
You know the rules. We are not here to talk about the right or wrongs of your trial.
You are here to tell me where you think you went wrong.
Nothing is off-limits. Nothing you say on this show can be printed, reproduced, or used
against you.
Everything you say has client/attorney privilege.
“So tell me and all those people listening what made you the most hated woman in America.
Start with this cultural conversation and freedom of speech crap that you said you wanted to
have with the American public.
Culture? What culture? You are talking about a society that cannot agree on how to deal with
schoolchildren who are shot to pieces at school.
A society where millions believe our lying, cheating ex-president won the election.
A society where 94% of women in Hollywood are sexually abused.
What made you think you could have a conversation with people like that?
You wrote that Op-Ed in the Washington Post which eventually led to your trial for
defamation – why did you write it?
Why didn’t you just take the $7 million divorce settlement and get on with your life?
We‘re listening

Born to Lead

Because the Sexually Abused women of America, especially those in Hollywood need a
leader – I believed I was that leader.
I was never voted in or elected as the spokeswoman for sexually abused women, it was just
taken for granted that I would stand up and fight for women’s rights.
Secretly, I was proud that millions of other women thought of me as a fighter, that they saw
me as a leader, and that my opinions mattered.
I became the spokeswoman for sexually abused women by default and I did not say no.
Stupidly I let it go to my head. And why not?
I have all the credentials of a leader.
Why would I say no?

  • I am actively involved in Amnesty International
  • I was a United Nations Human Rights Ambassador2
  • How many other women activists can say that?
  • I was a spokesperson for L’Oreal.
  • I was up there with a very powerful group of women who had held that position before me. Millions of women read and believe every word I said.
  • You know how powerful that can make you feel.
  • I love both men and women. I am not a Lesbian. Wish I was then I would not have
  • married Johnny. I love being in love and I don’t care if you male or female.
  • I am well read and intelligent. I read books by Ayn Rand and George Orwell.
  • I am involved in children’s charities
  • I have worked damn hard at being more than just a “Nice Arse with Tits”
  • When Zack Snyder phoned me about playing the part of ‘Mera’ in Aquaman, he described her character to me. He said Mera was a warrior queen with a crown and a sword, a superhero in her own right and he needed someone like her to be her. He said he wanted me for that part. He thought I would be perfect for it, and you know what. I agreed with him. I could totally get behind a character like that. I got the part. Mera was me. I was Mera.

I was a superhero. A warrior queen. Afraid of nothing. A leader.
All I had to do now was prove it to myself.
Others believed in me, why shouldn’t I.?
I had to prove to myself that I was worthy of being a leader
If MeToo put Harvey away, I could put a has-been like Johnny away.
I was an abused woman. Johnny was a powerful and very influential man in Hollywood
The Me To group had put Harvey ‘Suck my Dick If you Want the Part” Weinstein into
We all knew he was sexually abusing young actresses. For 30 years that man got away with
it, you can get a hell of a lot of “Blow Jobs’ in 30 years, and Harvey got them
Do you know why he got away with it?
Because they were too scared to press charges against him that’s why. They had nobody they
could trust. They had no leader.
They were the real “Silence of the Lambs” and their silence let that pig do what he wanted
with them.
Everybody knew what Harvey was doing. They laughed and joked about it.
For 30 years, they did nothing.
We hoped that when he went to prison the abuse in Hollywood would stop. It didn’t.
Since Harvey went to jail, 30 other men in Hollywood have confessed to sexually abusing

Nobody Abuses Amber Heard

There was no way I was going to let Johnny get away with abusing me.
Nobody abuses Amber Heard and gets away with it – so I wrote the article
Like a fool, I spoke about my abuse instead of abuse in general.
I never mentioned Johnny’s name anywhere in the article but you do not have to be a rocket
scientist to figure out that when I speak about my abuse in my marriage I am speaking
about the abuse I suffered during my marriage to Johnny Depp.
But so what? I was voicing an opinion. I‘m allowed to do that, or so I thought.
The rest as they say is history.
This has nothing to do with ‘defaming Johnny’s character’ or anything like that.
19 billion Tik Tok messages proved that.
This was all about “Get Amber Heard”.
Men Activist Group call me “Toxic Femininity”
Swap Johnny Depp for Donald Trump and forget the law, forget any human decency, forget
the constitution.
Just like in January’21, the call went out for the mob to “Hang Mike Pence’ so on June 22
the call went out for the mob to ‘Get Amber Heard’ – and they did.
Despite all the evidence against him. Johnny was too powerful and influential so his mob was
able to get me. But this is not over
I’ll be back.

Author Credit: Douglas H.
Retired Forensic Planning Engineer - Specialising in Contractor Delay Claims
Now a HubSpot certified SEO and Content Marketing Specialist - Enjoy Researching and writing articles on current topics eg Prince Andrew and sex with underage girls. The virus- To Vaccinate or Not. Global Warming - somebody is buying the wood from all those trees that are getting cut down -who?

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