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Competition Brief: Who Should Be the Next James bond and Does it Matter?

Beginning in 1962, James Bond has been a staple of the film industry ever since.

In order, he has been portrayed by:

  • Sean Connery (1962 – 1971), David Niven (1967), George Lazenby (1969), Roger Moore (1973 – 1985), Timothy Dalton (1987 – 1989), Pierce Brosnan (1995 – 2002), Daniel Craig (2006 – 2021)

The classic character, a British Secret Agent, is set in contemporary setting and perhaps that’s just it. The contemporary setting is not a static things. The real life British Secret Service certainly cannot be stagnant and must evolve and so why not the artistic franchises that reflect it?

Government intelligence agencies are fundamentally pragmatic institutions. Art, and the world of art, has the option at least to be anything but pragmatic. It can serve any number of purposes including nostalgia, social commentary, or nothing but the joy of its creation.

Art, in the form of blockbuster movies at least, is tied to business and business, no surprise, must be pragmatic. Here, at the intersection of art, culture, and business lies an important intersection of considerations. The tremendous success of the James Bond franchise means that the decision cannot help but go unnoticed even though, fundamentally, what difference does it make? From X-ray shades to alligator submarines and laser space battles, James Bond routinely forays into the ridiculous and so should we, the public, even care who plays this fanciful figment of imagination?

Happy Fanalyzing

Statement of Fact
  • James Bond is based on a fictional character from the novels by Ian Fleming.
  • The first movie was release in 1962.
  • Daniel Craig was the last actor to play the iconic character.
  • Daniel Craig is retiring and this opens the way for another to take his spot.

The fortunate seventh attempt at the role of British secret agent written by Ian Fleming will be played by a frenetic and inborn actor of the next generation. The last 007 movie “No time to Die” has expired the ticket of Daniel Craig in the James bond series. Craig has done his job for the fifth and last time. Before announcing keep in your mind Michael G Wilson said “nobody over 40 is getting near the role”

The producer should compromise somehow and get the job done by actors like Zac Efron (35), Liam Hemsworth(32), and Chris Pine(42). There are better choices to hire an American or Australian actor. People’s favorite will not always be the best candidate. If we look back in history actors who have played bond were not previously known or have a rich industry background. Leading actors could not be the choice of a producer. By and large, this time bond will be played by an innate actor, not a globally popular star.

Why? Liam Hemsworth is a captive face, a fabulous actor with dashing looks. Hemsworth would know much about his acting career as he belongs to a family of actors. Blue eyes and perfect height (1.91m) distinct him in the crowd. Pestilent gaze with the atrocious smile wins the hearts. The resurgence of a young handsome guy will catch more fans. Furtitious role of bond deserves a junior and striking lad. Finding convention actors would be of no gain. To starve off ephemeral actors fresh candidates need to consider. Age is the basic reason to consider Hemsworth. There will be no waste of money if the producer casts Hemsworth, leading actors would charge more. And obviously, he is a cheeky, tall, and stunning boy. Acting matters. Actors don’t. It doesn’t matter who will play the role of James bond, the needs of the character should be satisfied. It’s not compulsory to transform a British, white young actor into James bond. While watching a movie no one will bother if the actor is an Australian, American or British. The actor wearing the costume is not enough, acting like a real-life secret agent is more important. Britishers think it matters but bond’s fans are not interested in the origin of that star. Simply because no one is reading the credits. Viewers are only interested in the actions, worthiness, charming looks, and unpretentious stunts.

Liam Hemsworth would be my choice. Who will be the luckiest guy? We have to wait and watch what will the producer prefer actor? or acting?

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