[Nitin J.] Prince Harry Found Love – But Was His Subconscious Seeking Revenge?

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Prince Harry’s marriage to Megan Markle has been the subject of intense media speculation, and the question of whether their union is a revenge play for Harry’s late mother, Diana, has been brought up time and time again. Could Prince Harry have found his ‘wrecking ball’ in Megan Markle – someone who could go toe-to-toe with the Royal Family and simultaneously survive the paparazzi? It’s an interesting question, and one that provokes a great deal of debate.

To answer this question, we must first look at the circumstances surrounding Harry’s mother’s death. It’s widely accepted that the paparazzi played a role in Diana’s fatal car crash in 1997, as they had been hounding her and her companion, Dodi Fayed, throughout the night. This pursuit was likely motivated by the immense public interest in Diana’s life.

In the years since Diana’s death, it is clear that Harry has remained a devoted son. He dedicated a memorial garden to her memory at Kensington Palace and even chose her favorite flowers, forget-me-nots, for his own wedding bouquet. It is likely that this devotion extends to his desire to defend Diana’s legacy in any way he can.

In addition to standing up against the paparazzi, it could also be argued that Harry may have wanted to use Markle as a ‘wrecking ball’ against the Royal Family. As the daughter of an African-American mother and a white father, Megan Markle represents a stark departure from the traditional royal family. By marrying her, Harry was sending a powerful message that he is open to embracing change and progress within the institution. In doing so, it is also possible to argue that he was supporting his mother’s legacy, which was to make a difference in the world.

So, all this considered, one may contend that Harry’s marriage to Megan Markle may have been an attempt to avenge Diana in some way, using Markle as a ‘wrecking ball’ against the Royal Family and the paparazzi.

After all, Markle is no stranger to the glare of the paparazzi and has proven that she can handle herself with grace and dignity in the face of intense media scrutiny. She is also fiercely independent and unafraid of standing up for what she believes in. In choosing Markle as his wife, Harry may have found someone who could match the Royal Family on their own terms and protect Diana’s memory in the process.

That said, I don’t think it is fair or accurate to paint their union as entirely motivated by revenge against the media or Royal Family. Harry himself has stated that he fell deeply in love with Markle and was excited about starting a new life with her. It is more likely that Markle was the right person for him at the right time, and he was drawn to her strength and conviction.

In conclusion, while it’s possible that Harry’s subconscious may have been motivated by a desire to seek revenge against those who wronged his mother, this is only speculation. I believe that the primary motivation behind his marriage to Markle has been love, and an admiration of her strength in the face of adversity. Ultimately, only Harry knows what truly motivated his decision to marry Megan Markle, and it is up to us to respect their privacy and allow them both the chance to live their own lives without judgement or assumptions

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