[December 2022] Prince Harry Be Honest. Subconsciously, Is this What You Always Wanted?

“Wrecking Ball” This Month’s Winner by Felix Y.

TLDR: Is Megan Markle the wrecking ball Prince Harry subconsciously always wanted to avenge his mother? Some who can go toe-to-toe with the Royal Family and simultaneously survive the paparazzi?

Meghan Markle was never a typical “royal.” Some facts:

She is ethnically half African American.

She was originally married to the American film producer Trevor Engelson.

She is an American citizen.

For all the armchair psychoanalysts in the world there is much to analyze in Harry’s love for, and decision to marry, Meghan Markle. Because she does not fit the typical characteristics of a “royal,” it is interesting to contemplate his decision. At the time of marrying, what did he want? Did he want someone atypical but still able to assimilate into a manicured picture of royal bliss? Or did he want someone gifted with the necessary tenacity not to assimilate?

If Prince Harry’s intentions are plotted on a 4×4 matrix as follows, the conundrums become apparent:

It happens that Meghan is assimilated into the façade of royal perfection.It happens that Meghan is NOT assimilated into the façade of royal perfection.
Harry wanted Meghan to be assimilated into the façade of royal perfection.Scenario 1
Media: Loses
Royal Family: Wins
Harry: Wins
Scenario 2
Media: wins
Royal Family: Loses
Harry: Loses
Harry wanted Meghan NOT to be assimilated into the façade of royal perfection.Scenario 3
Media: Loses
Royal Family: Wins
Prince Harry: Loses
Scenario 4
Media: Wins
Royal Family: Loses
Prince Harry: Wins

Certainly, at least since the Oprah interview, reality has been that Meghan Markle is providing novelty and challenge to the manicured image of royal bliss. This fact moves the analysis to scenarios, 2 & 4. Herein lies the conundrum: if Harry was hoping Meghan would assimilate into royal perfection, he has been disappointed by the current situation. Recognition of this fact would open up his family to criticism, but because there are always two sides to a story, also his wife and himself for the failure to assimilate.

By contrast, if we assume that Prince Harry wanted Meghan to keep challenging tradition, then he is doing so at the expense of the Royal Family who are daily having their manicured veneer of perfection stripped away. In essence, if this is what Prince Harry wanted, Meghan Markle is arguably the ghost of Diana past, taking vengeance on the Royal Family. Such a narrative though, where Meghan Markle is Prince Harry’s subconscious wrecking ball, is too juicy, too tantalizing, a narrative to overlook. The media and armchair psychologists like myself can’t help but contemplate it. Why would Harry feed the beast that contributed so much to his mother’s depression? Someone who has lived his life in the spotlight would surely have known that the media would revel in every controversy brought on.

What do you believe? Every documentary, interview, and book reinforces the couples lack of assimilation. Does this fact disappoint Prince Harry or is Meghan Markle everything his mother would have wanted? Did he know what fate would produce?

Let the fanalyzing begin!

Harry, Meghan, & Oprah

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