[Oct 2022] Why Did Kanye West Run for President?

Credit: Elian Alexander C. @elialex on Freelancer.
The original / base sketch. Credit: Elian Alexander C. @elialex on Freelancer.
What Does Amber Heard Believe? — Credit: Mujahid S. on Freelancer

In 2020, Kanye West decided he would run for president of the United States. As an American citizen he is within his rights to do so. As a billionaire according to Forbes, he certainly has the resources to do so. Still, one needs to question what exactly was his motivation?

If for publicity, does he need more?

If for money, only being president is financially rewarding: not running.

If on behalf of God, perhaps there should have been more divine intervention?

If in order to serve the country, perhaps there would be more substance in the platform?

If serious, perhaps the run would have been better planned?

If on behalf of Trump, would one famous person sacrifice their own reputation for another?

Did he think he could win?

Every answer generates more questions.

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